Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Pleasures

A few things I've taken particular enjoyment in of late...

I've been reveling in big bowls of summer fruit. Particularly the cherries, peaches, and black raspberries from my local CSA share. As well as the blueberries I picked from a nearby organic blueberry farm. I think I'll be heading out there at least once more before the close of the season.

Iced Coffee
I'm a fan of iced coffee. I cold brew it myself so I can have it at whim (decaf, in case you're wondering). But, I discovered something good/bad. :) Panera sells iced coffee ($1.81 for a medium and if you're staying there, it's free refills) and beside the dispenser is cream and vanilla or hazelnut syrup if you want to jazz up your coffee for "free." I'll continue to make my own iced coffee, but I'll be treating myself to fancy iced coffee every once in awhile.

Several years ago, during my junior year of college, I fell in love with the musical group Keane. I loved their piano-driven rock and their first album Hopes and Fears is still one of my favorite CDs. Their second album Under the Iron Sea was also fabulous. Then they released a couple not my favorite albums. So, with hesitant optimism, I looked forward to the release of their newest album, Strangeland.  While nothing will ever quite be Hopes and Fears, I am so pleased that Strangeland is a return to the group's roots. I've been listening to the CD for several days now on my commute to work and I have yet to tire of it. If you've not tried out the music of Keane yet, check your local library and give them a listen.
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