Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Outfit for Less

Today I’m wearing a patterned olive green ¾-sleeved shirt from Target, a pair of black corduroy pants from Ann Taylor Loft, and a pair of black Faded Glory flats. Each item was purchased at a thrift store and I spent a grand total of $8 on the entire outfit. These items are used but not worn looking. I’m definitely not the belle of the ball, but I’m far from frumpy and some might even admit I have a little style. :)

If you didn’t already know this about me, I’m a fan of thrift stores. I don’t find as much there as I used to (maybe because I think their prices are often a little too steep for my taste), but I still enjoy ducking in to browse every so often. Now that I have my own place, I typically frequent the housewares sections more often than the clothing and shoe sections, but when I have the time or inclination I enjoy poking around any section that suits my fancy.

When I look around my house and through my wardrobe, I’m thankful I can find treasures for less and that I’m content buying used when it fits my needs.

Do any of you enjoy thrift shop scavenging?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring is on her way...

This morning as I left for work at 7:30, the sun was already perched along the horizon painting broad strokes of orange against the pale blue backdrop.

I love sunshiny mornings and light on my way to work!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Weekend

Last week the temperatures hovered in the teens. This week, it's in the 40s. Our mountains of snow are melting into deep pools of water with no place to go. Ah well, weather provides a topic of conversation, right? :)

We made a long weekend trip back home (somehow home still feels like where we moved from, instead of is where we live and have a home. Make sense?). I stopped at all my must-shop places that I wish were much closer to me. On Thursday Mom, my sister Liz, and I stopped at a salvage grocery (slim pickings!) and a thrift store where I added a few items to my wardrobe. Friday Jeremy and I feasted at P.F. Changs, picked up some necessities from Trader Joes, and enjoyed shopping at our favorite used bookstore, Half Price Books. I usually find a couple books at HPB, this visit I bought 10! (And I likely left some treasures behind.) Five books by Elizabeth Gaskell, two by Jane Austen, one by Louisa May Alcott, one by Johanna Spyri, and one unfinished novel by Charlotte Bronte.

I did get some good visiting time with my sisters and my parents, as well as a two-hour coffee date with my high school friend, Rebecca, who I hadn't seen for two years.

Now I'm back here and starting another week. I am off today, so have grocery shopped, cleaned the bathroom, tidied-up, etc.

Jeremy's taking me out tonight to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Hope you all are enjoying a pleasant Monday!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

Jeremy and I both scored snow days today. So, instead of working all day at the library, I worked all day at home. :)

I cooked and de-boned a chicken; made chicken stock; cooked a pot of beans; made a pot of chili; baked a loaf of bread (my first from scratch gluten-free yeast bread and it turned out pretty well!); cleaned the kitchen; washed 3 loads of laundry; ironed a large pile of shirts.

There are still some messy spots in the house, but I'd say these were hours well spent.

When Jeremy and I have quiet days at home, it always makes me thankful that I married a man that I can pass such a companionable day beside.
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