Monday, April 15, 2013


In the quietness that has defined my life since our move out west, I've found inspiration and enjoyment in hours of creativity through quilting. In the last 3 1/2 months I've made three quilts.

I don't really make the traditional, fancy-designed quilt squares, at least not yet. Instead, my quilts are typically just small squares I piece together in some sort of design. My Grandma J. quilts. The big quilt I just finished up was from her. She made all but one of the fancy quilt squares. She gave the completed quilt blocks to me to put together and finish up, if I wanted. This project took a massive amount of time. I completed the quilt top in December but I let it sit for awhile as I contemplated how in the world I was going to finish up something so big--slightly oversized queen quilt for our bed. In the end I decided to tie the quilt as it was too large to machine quilt. While I prefer the look of a machine quilted or hand quilted finish (I actually don't know how to hand quilt, yet), I am overall pleased with how the quilt turned out. It took me two weeks of fairly steady sewing while Jeremy was at work to finally finish this. (Pardon the slight mess of books and pillows.)

In January I made a small, square quilt for my new niece, Emmarie. I pieced the top from scraps in my sewing cupboard--purples and greens. My mom helped me finish this one up. I don't get to sew with company much, so that was quite enjoyable.

In February I made another small quilt for my new nephew, Everett. Again I pieced the top from scraps in my sewing cupboard--browns and blues; however, the top on this one was pieced entirely from discarded button-up shirts (fun frugality). I also experimented with adding the shapes and letters (Everett's initials), which was fun.

I've told my sister that I think just about anyone could do the type of quilting I do. Just cut squares and sew them together. It's not too difficult, though it does take some basic mathematical precision, focus, and a splash of creativity. Best of all, it's fun and the finished product is something you can use. I'm already imagining my next quilt, whenever and whatever it may be.
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