Sunday, August 31, 2008

That's All Folks!

Meaning, today was my last day at the illustrious HPB. No more of those customer stories. I'm going to have to start people-watching again (one of my favorites pastimes, but a little conspicuous if you're not careful) to find more stories to fill these entries and entertain my few readers (thanks for checking in, by the way!).
Remember that stash at work I itemized a few months ago? Well, it is now completely empty and available for another employee to use. I purchased over $100 worth of merchandise and justified it by reminding myself this was my last chance to claim such treasures as an ESV Bible for $5; brand new picture books for $6 and under; pie, muffin, and bread machine cookbooks for $6.50 and under; misc Christian titles including a couple by JI Packer for $4 and under. There are some seriously good deals at my bookstore. I'm going to miss finding perfect gifts and "that one book I've been searching for". However, even amidst some anxiety about leaving my first job out of college and finding my first job as a married woman, I know that I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.
I promise, if I remember any funny stories I forgot to share, I'll enlighten you. HPB is a great place to meet the masses.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who knew adults do it too!

I'm referring to the infamous childhood "potty dance". We've all seen it, either the little dancing steps, or the out and out holding while wiggling around and walking or jumping in place.

Yesterday I was at work just doing my job when I noticed a man standing behind another customer waiting rather impatiently. He kind of moved around a bit like he was uncomfortable and lifted his stack of books up and down. Finally when one of us was available he asked if he could leave his books with us while he went to the bathroom. As he was saying this he was lifting one foot off the ground and then the other, continually moving in what could only be described as an adult potty dance. The affirmative response that we would guard his books was greeted with a desperate, "Where's the bathroom?" He strode off and when he returned to claim his merchandise, he had the audacity to let out a loud, relieved, exhale. As if we didn't already know that he felt much better since he'd relieved himself. Sound effects, NOT necessary!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Only two more days as a book maiden.

The customer on the other end of the phone asked after a certain book. I asked her what kind of a book it was and her first answer was, "It's not a very big book." Although I didn't do this, I wanted to respond with the following sarcastic retort, "Oh, okay, the not very big book. That narrows it down for me. I know exactly what you're talking about."

I know customers think the employees at a bookstore know it all, but a mere size description over the phone, especially in regards to the inventoryless books lining our shelves, is like searching through a haystack--not looking for the needle--looking for that piece of hay that's not very long, you know a little shorter than the rest.

Ahh, another day in bookland

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some thoughts on marriage...

Last Friday J and I went downtown to apply for our marriage license. Because of the hours the office keeps, J had to take a day off work to come down. This oh so important office was under-staffed by two 60-70 something women--both pleasant, but not particularly quick-paced, and frequently interrupted by phone calls wanting the marriage performing judge's phone number.

As you might imagine, the queue of couple applicants for marriage ran the gamut of uniqueness. J looked around and whispered in my ear, "We look like the most wholesome couple here." (one of my co-workers informed me later that J and I are more than likely the most wholesome couple in many places.) Several couples looked to have international partners involved. One couple was a petite, curly headed guy and a head taller, heavyset, spiky haired girl. But, the most mystifying couple stood directly in front of J and I for at least 15 minutes of our wait time. He was a scrawny fellow with a much too large polo shirt and boxer revealing denim shorts (now close to pants). She on the other hand was wearing short-short denim shorts and a black t-shirt that no matter how hard she tugged, just didn't quite meet her waistband. Her neck was adorned with three heavy gold necklaces and every single finger was decked out with at least one jeweled, gold ring. As we watched, she reached up and starting popping a pimple on the side of the guys face! And before long I realized that they were getting their marriage license and going directly to the judge to be married. I marveled at what appeared to be a disaster waiting to happen. They'll get married, but how will it last? When her mom called her cell she answered it with an exasperated "what?" and the conversation followed suit. She thought it was crazy that her mom might want to be present at her daughter's wedding.

What are people thinking when they get married?
I am thrilled to become J's wife. But I also know that it is a huge commitment we are making to each other before God and I know that it's going to take a lot of work. It will be worth it, of course, but it's not like marrying each other is going to fix the issues in our own lives. I am so very thankful for the amazing examples of marriage that have been modeled for me. My grandparents have been married for 65 years; my other grandparents were married nearly that long before my grandpa passed away; my parents have been married for 33 years; my aunts and uncles and J's parents have almost all been married longer than that. What an amazing heritage we have before us. One that acknowledges the many joys and the challenges of marriage. They vows I take in just 2 1/2 weeks are very serious to me and while I cannot fully understand the magnitude of what I'm taking on, I know marriage is a big deal. I'm thankful my family and friends will be there to witness it. I'm glad that it is going to be a separate, special day, not just another Friday where pimples are popped in public and the sacred union of marriage seems to be mocked by immaturity.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Here

I've planned to update several times, but as soon as I sit down to the computer, all the words drain out of me. So, I've just ignored the nagging blog bug.

Despite, all of this, I am still here and plugging along. I'm down to my last two weeks of work--hard to believe--and quasi-seriously looking for a job in what will be my new home.
Every time I head up north to see J I bring along boxes of stuff to leave behind. My room is starting to look more and more bare.
A week ago my sisters threw me wonderfully fun personal shower/bachelorette party. I think there were twelve girls there. We laughed, talked, and enjoyed wine, chocolate fondue, and cheeses. As I looked around the room I realized how blessed I am. I have an amazing support of friends!
Last night as I was driving my 3 hours back home after being at J's, the moon kept me company drifting upwards as I travelled. I watched the moon change from a warm deep yellow/orange glow along the horizon to a smaller white orb hanging in the sky. There is something comforting in the company of moon and stars in a dark sky.
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