Monday, September 28, 2009

Always something new...

As noted a couple posts ago, it's been a year since J and I married and therefore, a year since I moved up here. We would both readily admit that this year hasn't been an easy year. However, we would both admit just as readily, that many--if not all--of the challenges that we've encountered have brought us closer together. I'd say that's a good thing.
One significant frustration this year has been church. Not long after J moved here he started attending a church (granted he was still driving back on many weekends to visit me and so attended only a couple times a month) and when we got married I joined him in going. After nearly a year in the church, we realized that things just weren't right, for reasons I won't delve into here. So, in mid-June we made the difficult decision to spend some time looking around for a new church.
Okay, anyone that knows me very well, knows that church-hunting is indeed one of my least favorite activities! So, I got a little (okay, a lot!) nervous. Just the prospect of visiting churches stresses me out and makes me go completely into my shy-shell (unfortunately easily done in new situations).
** [As an aside, you'd think at 27 I'd be able to get over this shyness, but I haven't found that solid footing yet. And let me tell you, after moving to a new city to live in a new life situation, starting 3 jobs, visiting multiple churches, etc., this year has indeed tested my abilities of adaptation. Maybe I'm a smidgen better? If so, it's most often because Jeremy is by my side. I still internally quiver in fearful anticipation of new places, people, things (all nouns, right?!), but he continually encourages to me to step out of my comfort zone and let people get to know me. I do tell him that I've pretty much been living outside my comfort zone for some time and he reassures me that he knows this. Okay, done with my long aside...back to the church story.] **
On top of the general nervousness I experienced, the main people in our area that I was acquainted with were the people I went to church with. It was a very lonely feeling to strike out once again into the world of meeting people and trying to make connections and build a community here in a city that we often feel very disconnected from. We have remained good friends with one couple, we just don't see them as frequently. But still, it's nice to know you've actually known someone for a year, instead of just a few weeks!
To make a rather long story short, we aren't completely settled, but we have found a church we think we'll stick with. We've been warmly welcomed by several and have started attending a weekly home group. The whole starting over is slow going, but regardless, it's a start. And for that, Jeremy and I are both very grateful to see God at work.


Heather L. said...

Glad you've possibly found something. I'm with you in not wanting to get out of my comfort zone.

Margaret said...

I really hope this new church is great.

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