Monday, July 12, 2010

When Books Collide

About this time last year I was busily making a quilt for Jeremy's birthday. To keep me sane during the crush to complete the project I watched all the Harry Potter movies and listened to an audio book called The Wild Trees. The Wild Trees is the story of the giant Redwood forests in California and the many scientists and tree-huggers striving to save the forests. Quite interesting. I have to admit that there were times I couldn't follow all the science, particularly the many different plant lives living in the boughs of the Redwoods. But, I was glad I listened and I learned a lot!

This weekend I read The Cookbook Collector by Allegra Goodman. I was pleased and surprised that part of one of the story lines involved the giant Redwoods in Humboldt county. It brought back memories of feverishly sewing last year. I also loved the descriptions of rare books woven into the story.

I love when my various reading endeavors intertwine and my mind is expanded. I can't imagine life without books!


liz nelson said...

i do love how books broaden your horizons. what would we do without them?:)(well, we'd both be out of jobs, that's for sure...:)

Alaina said...

I need to read more - your posts remind me of that! I do like to read just find myself tremendously exhausted by the end of the day which is generally when I have the time to read. Ah well. I like the sound of The Cookbook Collecter!

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