Monday, November 1, 2010


This past week's been full of family, which is a rare treat around our place. Last Sunday evening my sister Alaina drove up with her boys (a little absorbed in Mary Poppins at the taking of this photo). They spent two nights with us. I don't get to enjoy the company of my nephews all that often, so it was fun to have time with them. Calvin and Patrick indulged us by reciting their many history statements their learning for school. Hearing words like Renaissance and plague and Charlemagne come out of their mouth is endlessly entertaining. Titus would have happily joined in, I'm sure, if he had all those words to say. Instead, he played with us and gave many, many smiles. Alaina and I enjoyed chatting, as well as talking food and blog related stuff.

Then this past Saturday night my younger sister Elizabeth and her husband Luke drove up. There purpose was deliver a futon and cabinet to us, and to visit. We didn't do much beyond talking, eating, playing some euchre (very evenly divided...guys won one, girls won one), and watching a movie called Frozen which I plan not to watch again. We also checked out an awesome new restaurant a couple miles from us.

This week is back to work as usual, which means I need to hit the shower and run a couple of errands before I head to work.

Happy Monday!


Jeremy said...

I think a whole blog should be dedicated to the "Theology of Calvin Falk" in "Mommy, does the man downstairs believe in God? If he doesn't, that makes God sad..." And then all the way to Calvin drilling the guy on the way out on his belief system. Awesome!

Jeremy said...

Also, thanks to family for the visit....quite a fun time and a blessing for us!

liz nelson said...

we really enjoyed visiting you guys! and i do love that story about calvin.:)

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