Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Snowing...

The snow's been falling for 12 hours. And I'm thankful I'll be home all day. Wednesday morning a car nearly hit me sliding at an intersection. Saturday I had to run a newly red-light because my braking wasn't effective. So, let's just say winter weather and I aren't on particularly good terms right now.

I got Jeremy out the door this morning for his 1-mile drive to work. And I made my way back upstairs into the warmth. Poured myself a cup of coffee (which promptly cooled down) and sat down to type a blog post about scones over at The Cooks Next Door. And now I plan to spend the next 6 hours or so baking cookies, reading The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball, sipping a hot drink, and if I feel like it, ironing the stack shirts in the living room.

All of that to say, I actually enjoy the snow when I can contemplate its beauty through the window or while traipsing about in it, not from behind windshield.

I hope you all are safe and warm inside and enjoying this wintry Monday.


Amanda said...

Mmm... Wish I were with you. I did not enjoy my bitter cold Monday, due to having to be out in the elements. Thanks to that same storm though, my Saturday sounded much like yours.

Pam-Mom said...

You be careful on that snow and ice! It's nicer to just enjoy the snow from the inside, but we do have to go places! We have no snow here and none forecast for Christmas so it looks like we won't enjoy a white Christmas. Of course, in CO anything can happen to change that forecast!

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