Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Splurge

After work on Friday I dropped by Aldi. You never know what produce price surprises you'll find. It was a good day. Fresh mushrooms were $0.49 a half pound. Onions were $0.69 for three pounds. Multi-colored peppers were $1.49 for three. Roma tomatoes were $0.79 a pound. I felt like I scored! :)

(Yes, I do realize I'm talking about produce prices on my blog...what have I come to?!)

Since I'd gotten such a great deal, I decided to splurge a little and as a treat for myself and our home, I bought a small pot of lucky bamboo.

Not long after I got married, my mom gave me a bamboo plant. Two and a half years later that bamboo plant is healthy and growing like crazy. (Every time Mom sees it she exclaims over its size. I think it's gotten so big it looks sort of ridiculous in its tiny pot.) I love little spots of green in our house, so I thought another pot of bamboo would be a perfect addition to my desk.

Do you have any houseplants you particularly love?


Jessica Bergschneider said...

wow, it doesn't seem like it's been that long since I was at your wedding!

Lana Joy said...

Bamboo might be the only plant I'd even consider for indoors. For whatever reason, I'm not a fan of indoor plants...or outdoor ones that I have to take care of. Perhaps I'm afraid I've inherited the black thumb. At any rate, your bamboo is super cute. said...

I don't use Aldi but I'm thinking I really should. Then again, I believe you experience miracles in stores, like thrift shops, that I will never ever experience. :)

I love the plants that come back even though I kill them. :)

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