Thursday, November 3, 2011

Popping Back In

October passed by quite rapidly. My weekends were filled with either work or company. We don't get many visitors in our neck of the woods, but October brought with it three family visits as well as a visit with college friends. The busyness was a nice change of pace from our usual schedule.

November's arrived and with it low-gray skies that whisper of our fast approaching winter. From everything I've heard, it's going to be a fierce winter--cold and snowy. I have to admit I'm always captivated by the first snow and I do love a white Christmas, but by the end of January, I'm ready for spring green to make her appearance once again. But of course, I live in the Midwest and that just doesn't happen.

I realize I've been rather quiet in the blogging world of late. I want to be more consistent, we'll see if November provides blog fodder. At the very least, stay tuned for a September/October reading list complete with a brief review of a fascinating new novel, as well as some snazzy photos of my impression of the Spirit of Christmas. Now doesn't that sound intriguing?


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