Monday, July 14, 2008


Around 4 a.m. Sunday morning, my right eardrum decided to rupture for the third time in my life. It happened quickly, although I did have a cold virus working on me for a couple days previously.
Now, if you've never had this happen, it's a very annoying experience (great pain before the rupture and then relief when the pressure is gone and then the ear drains and you can't hear out of it, all in all, not fun), but it happens, so I just have to go with it.
My sweet, caring fiance was in town over the weekend and he drove me to the immediate care center so I could get antibiotics and hopefully stop the spread of infection. He then coddled me as much as he could before he had to drive back home. Today my nephews were over and I told C that my ear was broken inside--he is always concerned about ouchies--and he took a cold pack and held it against my ear and rubbed my cheek gently and said, "all better, all better." So, I'm getting gentle and loving treatment to help me heal as quickly as possible, but I'm still laying low for the next couple days as I have very low energy, plus I can only hear about 60% of my normal hearing. I have unintentionally had a 5-day break from work. Honestly, I'm ready to go back. I'm tired of lying around in bed.
I'm praying for a speedy recovery of the ear and that there won't be any permanent damage. Every time it happens I fear that the ear is just getting weaker and therefore a possibility for hearing loss. Kind of scary.


Alaina said...

Sweet Calvin - he's always trying to make people feel better.

Hope you are better today!

jeremy said...

I'm praying for your recovery. I too am worried about that ear and hope that it gets better.


Kevin & Amy said...

Hope you feel better soon!

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