Friday, July 25, 2008

Finding myself with little extra time

So, I'm trying to keep up with everything and one of the several areas being shorted is this blogger world.

Let me just give you a small glimpse of my week and you might understand why:
8:15 appointment
9:15-12:15 I'm home working on invitations or something wedding related
1-9 I'm at work
9:15-10:45 I'm meeting with the woman doing the flowers for my wedding
9-5 I'm at work (another day in audio books)
5:40-7:30 I'm at home working on invitations and eating dinner
7:30-8:45 Bible study
9-9:45 First wedding dress fitting
9-5 I'm at work (I get to shelve art)
5:40-6:20 I'm at home stamping and sealing 90 invitations
6:30-7:45 I have dinner with a friend
8-9ish I shop a bit for the next day
9:30-11:30 I finish working on invitations (they are finally ready to mail!!!)
8-12 I'm at work
12-3:30 I'm driving north (I do stop for 30 minutes to eat some lunch)
3:30-6:30 I'm at J's apartment cleaning and preparing a surprise birthday meal
6:45-11:15 I'm with J--he is very surprised to see me as he thought he'd be spending the evening alone
11:15-2 I'm driving south (I was so tired that a couple hours into the trip I stopped to get an iced coffee at McDonald's and it was just awful, I barely drank any of it)
8:50 I wake up from a dream where I'm receiving a repeated shot in the arm, in the same small hole
10 I'm at the doctor for a follow-up look at my eardrum (it looks good!)
10:15-11:15 I sit at Starbucks and sip an iced vanilla coffee (this one is very good and not too sweet) and work on Bible study
11:30 appointment
1-5 I'm at work where, not surprisingly, my patience is wearing thin

Now it's 6:15 and I'm resting a bit before dinner, after which Mom and I are heading to Hobby Lobby to look at wedding decorations and then the fiance will make an appearance at my doorstep sometime around 9 p.m. Tomorrow holds a similar schedule to the rest of the week.

Is it any wonder that blogging isn't much of a priority?!


Stacey said...

Hang in there Stephanie, you can do it!

Glad to hear you are feeling better!

jeremy said...

Time spent doing duties and chores -- 240 hours.

Time spent resting -- 20 hours

Time spent blogging -- 15 minutes.

Time with Jeremy -- PRICELESS :)

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