Thursday, June 18, 2009

How can it be...

that it's nearly summer solstice and it's still in the 60s outside? I sleep with multiple covers on at night and I'm not hot. We've run the air conditioning a few evenings, but that's it. Summer seems to want to stay in the April showers phase as far as I can tell.


Kim said...

I'm perfectly happy with the few hot sunny days and the abundance of sunny cool days. :)

Miss you. Let me know when you can make a trip to Goshen and I can show you my place?

Margaret said...

We have been having aggressive amounts of humidity....yuck! Also, this is particularly not fun when I have the worst case of poison ivy in my life....also yuck!

Miss you!!

liz nelson said...

i think God responded to your blog post by bringing about intense heat and humidity yesterday.:)
i got to work this morning at 8:30 and we realized that there was no power (presumably from the storms last night). we did not have power all day... so the store was closed, but we still had to work. in the relative darkness with no air conditioning. good times.:) actually we got a lot done, but by the end of the day i had an acute case of cabin fever from being couped up in a dark, humid building working on musty lps all day.:)

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