Friday, January 8, 2010

Goals for 2010

The beginning of 2010 came and went and here it is already a week in. I've been meaning to post some goals (resolutions, if you will) that I've set for myself this year. But, we were out of town until Jan. 3 and then came into a new work week just trying to stay afloat.

Better late than not at all, without further ado, here are my goals.

Financially: Jeremy and I begin and maintain a budget.
Intellectually: Read 1 classic book a month, plus additional books I find along the way.
Physically: A minimum of 3, 30-minute sessions at the gym.
Spiritually: More consistent, digging-deeper devotions.
Healthfully: Meal plan regularly and incorporate more beans, greens, and a wider variety of veggies into our diet.

What are some goals you've set for yourself?


liz nelson said...

these sound incredibly similar to mine. which i have yet to post.:)

Kim said...

Dave and I do our budget in a Google excel sheet - that way we can both access it and add stuff. It seems to work well. Just an idea. :)

jeremy said...

I have goal to spend less at the comic store and on ebay. Not to read some of the true crime crap that catches my attention at the library. To go to the gym more. To ask someone what the Old Testament REALLY means (that'll be a long conversation). Drink more wine. Stay off caffeine. Read more comics (from library, of course). Read some literature and not always mystery, horror, sci-fi, and pulp fiction. Get around to listening to all the music I have on my harddrive...listening to music at home more. Watching "classic" older movies once in awhile. Playing games. Quit teasing people so much.

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