Thursday, January 14, 2010

Never Catching Up

So, Christmas and New Year have passed, but I still feel like I'm playing catch-up. And if you were to pick a winner in the battle between me and house, don't pick me.
Last week started my new schedule--28 hours. I've been working 20 hours at the library and my boss approached me back in November asking me if I'd be interested in picking up 8 more hours a week at the start of the year and spend those 8 hours working in the children's department. I definitely didn't turn the offer down!
However, and I feel pretty ridiculous even saying this, those 8 extra hours have been my undoing! It's absurd because many other people have so much more going on and they hold it together. Right now, I'm not. I have not lost hope. I will get there, but motivation is really low because I can't seem to see much progress anywhere in the house. The clutter around me is slowly driving me crazy. I'm thankful for our apartment. It's a decent size and it's full of light, but I've completely run out of places to put things and I can't figure out what to get rid of. So, each day I try to do something--a load of laundry, ironing, cleaning the bathroom, going thru mail--and by the time I cycle back around each task needs done again.
Work and meals on the table (and packed lunches) are my top priority, I suppose (except, of course, my husband who takes precedence over those). And there has been fairly healthy 3-meals a day happening around here. So today, I'll focus on that.


liz nelson said...

hey, if you're getting 3 good meals a day on the table, you're probably a step ahead of me.:) that's definitely been a struggle for me. i know what you mean about feeling like you're always behind or playing catch up. i've been somewhat sick for the past week, too, which is making everything worse around here. no energy.:( just remember, every once in awhile you have to just forget about the mess and spend some time relaxing.:)

sam said...

I understand the struggle. It seems like nothing is ever finished around the house... and I'm doing something every night! Sometimes is just helps to know I'm not the only one trying to keep my head above water while juggling work and home.

Lana Joy said...

It's crazy to me, too, how I feel like I don't have time to do everything I need to. We don't even have kids, yet, Steph. But I completely agree with you and the keeping the house in order and meals on the table thing. Agh!

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