Monday, October 4, 2010

This Morning

I felt like my mom this morning, in a very good way. :) After Jeremy headed off to work around 8:40, I spent the remainder of the morning in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, all with the radio tuned to NPR. That is so Mom! And I was happy to be imitating her.

I made sauteed shredded zucchini, a pot of Creamy Dilled Carrot Soup, and a pot of Green Soup with Mushrooms.

For supper tonight we enjoyed the carrot soup, along with mustard-glazed salmon.

I haven't been much in the mood to blog lately, so pardon my long absences. I will be back soon.

Hope you all passed a pleasant Monday.


Margaret said...

Did you hear the bit with Edward Norton?

stephanie said...

Man, I missed that part! Was it good/interesting?
I listened all about the Supreme Court.

Margaret said...

Yeah, I heard bits and pieces of both Edward Norton and the Supreme Court cases, while driving. Edward Norton was cool because, well, it's Edward Norton, but in truth it was a pretty standard "I don't really consider myself a's important to do other things family is awesome" kind of star interview, but cool nonetheless. I loved the bits of the Supreme Court cases, the one about the dead soldiers funeral is tough, because yeah it is a constitutional right, but I hope they can find that it was a private gathering or that was long.

liz nelson said...

i heard part of edward norton. i love that guy. such a cool character and such good movies.:) you sounded ultra productive, steph. i need some of that.:)
happy birthday!:)

Jeremy said...

I dunno. Edward Norton has made some fine movies years back, like American History X, and Fight Club but everything I've read he comes off a jerk. Call me wrong here but I am actually glad he got booted from portraying the Hulk in the upcoming Avengers movie. (and admittedly, I missed NPR so perhaps he isn't so jerky after all. People can change.)

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