Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reader input

Because I'm always on the look-out for a new good read, I'd love to know your favorite book of 2010. I'm reading Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall right now, with a couple more classics waiting in the wings. The new books I'm anticipating aren't released until October and November (The Great House by Nicole Krauss, Distant Hours by Kate Morton, At Home by Bill Bryson).

So, to help me span the gap between decades old books and those fresh from the publisher, tell me...

What's the best book you've read so far this year?


Kim said...

I'm currently reading Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. I really like it!

liz nelson said...

"the bell jar" is the best book i read this year. now granted, i didn't do a lot of reading this year, but this still probably would be my favorite.:)

Heather L. said...

Blessing your husband by Debra Evans; Pure Pleasure by Gary Thomas; Johnny Tremain

sam said...

I've had more disappointing reads than good ones this year... but Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas would probably qualify for my all-time favorites list.

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