Tuesday, November 13, 2007


People intrigue me. I think they always have. I'm the girl who is distracted from conversation in restaurants because I'm people watching (it's fascinating to see how people chew, how they talk with they're hands, how they generally interact).
Tonight as I was driving home from work (it took me nearly 45 minutes), I drove over I-74. A few cars were parked on the overpass and there were at least 6 people milling around watching the interstate below. At a quick glance all I could see were several fire engines, an ambulance, and absolutely no moving traffic. And the people above were so interested in the issues down below that they just stopped to watch the details unfold in the fading sunlight. Do people not have destinations? People to go home to? Appointments to keep? How can they just stop to satisfy their curiosity for so long?
Perhaps I am too tied to time constraints and therefore do not afford myself the luxury of stopping to watch disasters.


Alaina said...

That is kind of weird. They really just stopped to watch the interstate below? I know I always have places to go, people to see...

Sorry it took so long to get home - no fun. :(

Rebecca said...

I love people watching!

Kevin & Amy said...

Yes, airports are the coolest places for that very reason!

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