Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Here

I've planned to update several times, but as soon as I sit down to the computer, all the words drain out of me. So, I've just ignored the nagging blog bug.

Despite, all of this, I am still here and plugging along. I'm down to my last two weeks of work--hard to believe--and quasi-seriously looking for a job in what will be my new home.
Every time I head up north to see J I bring along boxes of stuff to leave behind. My room is starting to look more and more bare.
A week ago my sisters threw me wonderfully fun personal shower/bachelorette party. I think there were twelve girls there. We laughed, talked, and enjoyed wine, chocolate fondue, and cheeses. As I looked around the room I realized how blessed I am. I have an amazing support of friends!
Last night as I was driving my 3 hours back home after being at J's, the moon kept me company drifting upwards as I travelled. I watched the moon change from a warm deep yellow/orange glow along the horizon to a smaller white orb hanging in the sky. There is something comforting in the company of moon and stars in a dark sky.


Anonymous said...

Well I for one am glad that your are "here." I was beginning to wonder... ;-) dad

Alaina said...

I miss you...thanks for calling.

Barbara D said...

It was good chatting with you a few days ago. May the Lord continue to bless. 18 more days - looking forward to it.

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