Saturday, February 28, 2009

Appreciating a local business

I don't think I've ever mentioned the jeweler that Jeremy bought my engagement ring from (and our wedding rings). They are fantastic! Very professional, but personable and they are a local establishment. Plus, Kelly, our preferred salesperson worked with Jeremy when he was picking out the most exquisitely perfect diamond ring. I've never seen a ring I liked more! And she helped us as we chose our wedding bands.
Last week I noticed that my engagement ring was catching on my clothes. A closer inspection revealed that the diamond had slipped down a bit from one of the prongs. I stopped wearing it until we could go in to the jewelers. Yesterday we popped in and Kelly was there. She took the ring back, resituated the diamond, tightened the prongs and polished the ring. It came back sparkling. We were talking to her about white gold rings needing re-plated, which is something I learned about only recently. She said usually every 6 months or so. I'm not sure if I would have chosen white gold if I'd known that, but I do prefer the silver finish. Regardless, that's what my wedding band is made of. Kelly took one look at my ring and said, "Can I have that please. Usually replating is $20, but I know you bought these recently and you're newly married." And she replated the ring at no charge. I left with two shiny rings at no cost to me. How nice is that?

Fact: Elvis had a ring designed by these jewelers for Priscilla. (The things you can learn from TV.)


Heather L. said...

very nice service! I need to take my ring in to get cleaned. I love how they come back so sparkly again!

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