Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do not despair my few readers...

I have not dropped off the planet. I'm still here in my snowy part of the United States (it is indeed snowing again today!). I haven't been home as much and certain things seem to be falling by the wayside.
My job is going pretty well. Our groups of kids were switched up this week. I'll be teaching three kids. Only one showed up yesterday, so she got some very one-on-one tutoring. Seems like she may be a little less moody than many of the kids I had in my other group, which suits me just fine.
Starting tomorrow morning, I'm going to be working a few hours at a flower shop through Valentine's Day. At that point, I have the say as to whether I stay or go. I won't be doing any flower designing, just taking orders. It's not a dream job, but it's a job. I truly don't know what I'll decide after my 8 days of work are completed.
I have all morning and most of the afternoon to work on my laundry and ironing and bathroom cleaning and cooking supper. After today, my time becomes even more precious, so I need to use my hours today.
Bear with me during yet another bout of transition. I do plan to try to keep up here, but I imagine it will be sporadic for the next couple weeks.


Heather L. said...

the flower shop sounds exciting, except I know it's just taking orders. oh well. Keep your eyes open -- there may be interesting stories to discover. :) Enjoy all the pretty flowers you'll be surrounded by!

Margaret said...

Flowers, did I miss something? Miss you!

Barbara D said...

Good to see another post. Hey, the current theme is change and you seem to be having a lot of it.

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