Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where is my consistency?

I keep telling myself I'll blog more, but then the days pass. I've even encountered some very blog-worthy people (jewelry-making hippie-like woman at a Farmer's Market) and circumstances (observing a photo-shoot for a quinceanera), but they've fallen by the wayside of life.

Tomorrow I'm heading home for my little sister's wedding--which I totally can't believe she's getting can this be...she's my baby sister! This will be my third road-trip alone this summer. Jeremy has to work. So, unfortunately for him, he's going to miss seeing me decked-out in a black dress and he's going to miss seeing all the family. To keep me company as I drive, I'll be listening to Michael Pollan's The Botany of Desire. (Did you actually think you'd get through a post without me mentioning something about books/reading?)

Have you ever watched Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds? I saw it several years ago and was reminded of it again this week. Sometimes when Jer and I walk outside our apartment, there are a couple birds that seriously dive-bomb our heads. I don't know if there is a nest or what, but they aren't happy with our intrusion. They screech and fly at our heads, pulling up just at the last second. The even stranger thing is, they're not always around, so some days are much less hazardous than others. Go figure.

As I still have plenty to do before tomorrow, I'll leave you be. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'll see you next week.


Kim said...

Are they red winged blackbirds? I've had some aggressive near-attacks here in Goshen.

PS - Come visit us and meet our new kitty!

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