Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I've been having trouble keeping up here. And for that I apologize to my few readers. It makes your trips here unexciting and I imagine increasingly infrequent. Every time I suggest that I'll do better, I don't. So, I'll try not to continue with vain promises and just say, I'll write here, I promise. But I can't say how often. Several time recently I've thought, oh, I'll write about that on my blog later and when later comes, I forget.

I need to collect small bits of interesting from throughout my day. I need to catch small bits of conversation from passersby. I need to notice more around me like I used to. And I need to enjoy those curious noticings by sharing them here, because such observations are usually enjoyed more in company. So, I ask for patience and in return, I'll open my eyes a little more and tell you about what I see.


Margaret said...

Glad to see you back. I've finally been able to blog more by blogging less words, but blogging more frequently and scheduling them to post. That way if I have more than one thing to share, I write two short posts and have them schedule on different days. It's worked for about a week now...kind of amazing for me. ;)

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