Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wish us luck!

Jeremy and I are off for a few days of camping. It should be an adventure as I'm the experienced camper and Jeremy's gone once. Also, the weather isn't going to be too warm. :) I'm thinking lots of fires with cocoa and coffee. Hopefully it will be a restful time away from busyness that is everyday life.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Leslie said...

Brrrr. You are braving the cold. Good for you.

liz nelson said...

have fun guys! hopefully its nots too cold... or at least that it won't rain.:) see you wednesday!

Pam-Mom said...

Hope it was a good weekend! We had our first snow here, not too much, but enough to be pretty on trees and add a brrrrr to the temps!

jeremy said...

I'm jonesing for a new blog post!

sam said...

Sounds like fun! Hope you guys had a great time :)

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