Thursday, October 29, 2009

Culinary Adventures

Creativity in the kitchen waxes and wanes in this apartment. Of late I've been pushing myself to lessen my grocery store trips (Meijer is a mere three minutes away and therefore so very easy to "pop in") and really think outside the box with what I have on hands. As well as use freezer and pantry items. I'm down to being pretty desperate to grocery shop--tomorrow's endeavor--but still needed to pack a lunch for Jeremy today. While he was at a meeting this morning I quickly threw together a chicken soup using just about everything left in my crisper drawer (mushrooms, kale, chopped onion, garlic) along with two kinds of leftover rice, broth and chicken from cooking up earlier in the week. Jeremy's not such a big fan of soup, but because I love them so much I certainly keep trying and I focus on making them thick.

New recipes I've tried this week include:
Green Soup (from Love Soup by Anna Thomas)
Pumpkin Spice Lattes (in the crockpot)
Lettuce Wraps (also in the crockpot)
Mushroom Broccoli Risotto (in the rice cooker)

And cooking right now are:
Butternut Squash Soup
Gingerbread Latte (in the crockpot)

Every Friday night Jeremy and I have a small group with church and it starts off with a pitch-in. Tomorrow, since I'm still trying to cook from what I have, I think I'll bring black beans and rice.


Jessy said...

so my sister makes this butternut squash and apple soup... it's really good!

liz nelson said...

let me know how the gingerbread latte turns out. i really enjoyed the pumpkin spice one.

Lana Joy said...

So, how were the pumpkin spice lattes? And can I get that recipe?

Alaina said...

Sounds so good. How was the gingerbread latte?

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