Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heading Home

Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite holiday. I love Christmas as well. But there is just something wonderful about Thanksgiving. Perhaps it has something to do with the spirit of gratefulness. And all that food! You can't go wrong with food. :)

Yesterday I was having tea with a friend and she asked what Jeremy and I were doing for Thanksgiving. I told her we were heading back home to spend time with family (only 6 hours until we're there!). Her husband was in the room and he said, "I suspected that." I laughed and said, "You suspected we were going? Why?" And he replied, "Well you guys have really great food." Now, no one in my family has even met these friends. So, they've never eaten any of our food, well except mine when they come for supper. I said, "How do you know?" And he said, "We must have talked about it this time last year and I just remember that it sounded like you all make a particularly good Thanksgiving meal." Well, in my opinion, we do. I just never thought we'd get a compliment from someone who's never enjoyed our sumptuous feast.

Wednesday is lunch and time with Jeremy's brother, sister-in-law and niece. Thursday is my family celebration (18 people). And in between times we have a few errands to run and favorite stores that we don't have around here.

I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving holiday!


Kim said...

Favorite stores = goodwill. Because you are the goddess of goodwill.

Also, I haven't forgotten or intentionally ignored your email. I'll reply soon!!!

sam said...

This post brings back fond memories of the many Thanksgivings we've shared :) Have a wonderful trip home!

Alaina said...

Could you just hurry and get here?! :)

Lana Joy said...

How awesome that you have everyone together. And crazy that it now totals 18. What?! Your family has doubled. Yikes.

We will have everyone together for Xmas and I simply cannot wait. So, I know a little of the excitement that's awaiting you in Indy.

(P.s., I guess our family has doubled in size, as well. We'll have 12 at Christmas!)

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