Wednesday, November 11, 2009


For several years I've not watched much TV. I watch it, yes, I've just not been hooked on shows that I just can't miss. Mostly Jeremy and I just catch the shows once they come out on DVD (The Office being the top one there!)

This summer I once again remembered why I love the show So You Think You Can Dance and happily watched it each week. A new season started up this fall and this week I finally caught an episode and I think I'm addicted again. I love dance shows. However, the real must-see show for me this fall is Glee. Perhaps some of you are cheering at this and some of you groaning. But man, it's a fun show. The girls in my small group (okay, we're really women, but girls sounds better) decided to start a weekly gathering to watch Glee. Tonight was the first time and it was quite fun to watch the silliness with other girls. If you haven't watched the show, you might consider checking out an episode on or Let me know what you think.

What are your must-see shows this fall?


Jessy said...

hehe i love glee =)

liz nelson said...

i've been enjoying glee whenever i can catch it. that show has been a pleasan/fun surprise.:) it would be fun to watch with other people. luke does not especially love it.:) so you think you can dance is my other favorite. thirty rock is one i definitely recommend-- but you might want to watch the previous seasons first.

Alaina said...

I like Glee, too!

sam said...

I have heard many great things about Glee, but have yet to watch it. I'm pretty sure once I do I'll get hooked so I'll probably wait for the Season DVD, then watch it all at once in a weekend :)

stephanie said...

Glee is definitely a show you can watch in a weekend.
Anyone ever seen The IT Crowd? A friends tells me it's good.

Margaret said...


jeremy said...

Well..I am a bit behind. I have plans to start the Wire on DVD and I need to watch The Shield seasons 5, 6, and 7. But, as you know, I am mostly the movie guy. I wished we got the cartoon network. I finally was able to get the new Batman Brave and the Bold on DVD. It wasn't much of a wait so all is good. I recommend Star Wars Clone Wars for good tv fun, too.

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