Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dinner with J

Yesterday before I left for work, I put pork tenderloin in the crock-pot. I found a recipe for honey mustard pork tenderloin that sounded good, and as I was being gone until nearly dinner-time, the crock-pot sounded like a fantastic idea. The meat came out perfectly fork-tender, but the flavor was just okay (which greatly disappointed me!).
Anyway, the real part of this story is that I decided to make mashed potatoes to accompany the meat. Jeremy loves mashed potatoes and I only make them occasionally. To boost their healthfulness, I sometimes add carrots and mash it all together. It's delicious. For real, you should try it.
When Jeremy got home from work he asked, "Are you making mashed potatoes?"
I told him I was.
When I set the plates of food on the table he said, "What is this?"
I smiled and said, "Potatoes."
"Is it sweet potatoes?"
"No, it's mashed potatoes." By this time I'm sort of giggling because of his reaction. I've made them before and he really liked them.
"What's in them?" he's very concerned.
"I put carrot in them. I've done it before and you like it."
"So it's not mashed potatoes, it's carrot potatoes."
"Jeremy, I put two carrots in with five potatoes. So it's potatoes with carrot." (I'm a big fan of leftovers for J's lunches so always make enough for another meal or two, lest you think we ate five potatoes and two carrots for supper all ourselves!)
So, Jeremy eats the potatoes and loves them. But then he dubs them Judas Potatoes. And today he suggested I make Angel Potatoes soon (in case you can't guess, those are regular mashed potatoes with a halo of butter melted on top).


Ashley A. Judd said...

That's hilarious. You should tell him Angel Potatoes are only for special occations.

Kim said...

LOVED this!

liz nelson said...

this is a great story.:) o jeremy.

Heather L. said...


Alaina said...

Potatoes were much discussed this evening - your post inspired it. :)

Pam-Mom said...

Jeremy has always been a lover of mashed potatoes. I hardly ever had leftover potatoes when he was still living at home. I can only imagine the look on his face when he saw the orange-tinted potatoes! Good for you!

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