Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can it be June 30th already?

One last post before June turns into July. Hard to believe summer is almost half finished already. AND 2010 is half over. Where has the year gone?

Jeremy and I have a Netflix account, which we don't put to as much use as we should to get our money's worth. But, our libraries charge for DVDs (even for employees) and Netflix has a greater selection. The other night I was having trouble sleeping, pretty much par for the course for the week, and I decided to watch a documentary I'd had my eye on. If you have Netflix, you know they stream some movies, and that's how I watched No Impact Man. Although a couple days have passed, I can't stop thinking about it.

No Impact Man is the story of one New York family's quest to cause no environmental impact for an entire year. It's fascinating. I don't agree with all that they did--some was quite extreme--but it got me thinking about my stewardship of the environment. I've been striving to recycle more and also go to my local farmer's market. Next, I need to invest in a bike lock, so I can do some biking nearby. Anyway, I recommend you check it out. Even if it doesn't strike a bell with you, it's really just interesting. The couple are quite unique as well. I told Jeremy I'd like to re-watch it with him. We'll see what he thinks.

My little garden is coming along. Only about two-thirds of the flowers survived, for reasons I can't tell. My tomato plants are happily caged and growing. The Lemon Boy is growing like I've never seen a tomato plant grow; it reaches to my belly button. The Roma plant is much smaller, but still healthy, I think. The cucumber is happily climbing up the small trellis I bought, although he keeps trying to reach out and intertwine with the tomato. I stop in every day or two to make sure they are properly separated. :)

Last night I tried a recipe from a new blog I discovered Nourishing Meals. I am always seeking flavorful, healthful, filling recipes and this site seems to have much to offer. I want our table to be filled with foods that satisfy and please. Lately I've been in a terrible rut with cooking. I think I fed Jeremy fried rice three times last week. He's quite the trooper and doesn't complain. I'm blessed with any easy man to feed. Anyway, back to the new recipe: Fresh Vegetable Curry. Oh my, it was delicious! I didn't have all the vegetables suggested so mine included red potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, napa cabbage, orange bell pepper, and green beans. I'll definitely be making it again.

Since I can't imagine life without books, I've been reading a lot. The summer reading program at my library has a separate program for the staff. For each book I read I get a chance at a the grand prize drawing of a $25 restaurant gift card! So far I've read 6 books to enter (they must be library materials)! And I'll keep going. I'm going to post my halfway through the year reading list in a different post. Stay-tuned for that in the next couple days.

Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to know there are a few of you out there reading this sporadic blog of mine. Happy Summer to You!


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