Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yesterday was a ridiculously hot and lazy sort of day. After I worked until 1 and grocery shopped my way home, I didn't feel like doing much else. So, Jeremy decided to take me out to supper (although wouldn't tell me where). We enjoyed hamburgers and pleasant conversation, but a look out the window revealed nasty weather coming and I was ready to go home. Unfortunately, the power went out of the restaurant right about this time, and because all of the world functions on technology powered by electricity, we couldn't get our bill until the computers came back up.

By the time, we made our escape, the wind was bending small trees sideways and flipping umbrellas inside-out, and huge raindrops pelted the sidewalk. Did I mention we were at the mall and our car was what seemed a mile away?! We made a run for it. I admittedly squealed many times and laughed like a crazy person as the rain changed directions and splattered against my glasses making it hard to see. About halfway to our car, we ducked under an awning to catch our breath and re-group (the laughter, though fun, was making the running more difficult). Another dash for the car--though I did ask Jeremy if he just wanted to walk as we were already soaked--and we finally reached it, shirts sticking to us, glasses impossibly covered with raindrops, and laughing at the craziness of it all.

We'd been gone for maybe an hour and a half, but the streets were strewn with branches and leaves; several homes had large chunks of trees down. Stoplights stood blank, making the already dangerous downpour, a little scarier as not every car stopped as it should. But, we made it safely home and inside to dry off and finish the evening watching episodes of The Office.

This morning after I dropped Jeremy off at work, I ran a couple errands. Every where I drove, families were out in their yards gathering storm debris and bringing order back to their yards so hastily damaged by the wind and rain.


jeremy said...

Why don't you tell your faithful readers about the trick I pulled on you? Hmmmmmm?

Margaret said...

Yes, tell us about the trick! :)

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