Thursday, August 5, 2010

My morning

This morning I headed off to yoga. The sessions this week stretched me a lot! Working on twisting shows me how much flexibility I don't have. :) But, I'm enjoying the class and feel like I'm learning.

Upon my return, Jeremy and I headed off to a coffee shop downtown for cups of coffee (obviously!) and conversation before he worked at noon. We spent a pleasant hour or so there. Just kitty-corner from us was a man, the most bird-like human being I've ever seen. Sitting straight backed with long neck extended. His nose prominent and beak-shaped. As he focused intently on his computer screen, his mouth stretched into a sort of close-mouth smile and his eyes narrowed to tiny slits. Occasionally he'd surface from the screen and turn his neck to observe a passing person outside, or someone walking by the cafe, his beady eyes widening a bit and blinking as he followed their movement until his neck turned and honed back in on his computer. Never did his posture falter. It was excellent.

So, we're enjoying ourselves, me in an over-stuffed leather chair, Jeremy in a leather love seat next to me. And a woman, (eating an ice cream cone at 11:30 in the morning I might add) walks deliberately over to us and sits directly next to Jeremy. Is this as odd and invasive as Jeremy and I felt it was? It sort of ruined our moment, so we extricated ourselves promptly and went for refills of coffee.

On to the next phase of the day: ironing, washing dishes, doing laundry.


Kim said...

I love awkward people. :)

I also love that you guys had a morning date.

And there is nothing wrong with ice cream in the morning.

stephanie said...

Well, I am definitely a lover of ice cream, but I found it weird for this woman to come over and sit next Jeremy as she licked an ice cream cone. Just seemed very out of place...

liz nelson said...

i like the bird man description.:)it is kind of unusual to eat ice cream before the lunch hour... however if someone offered it to me, i wouldn't be able to turn it down.:) it is kind of weird to sit down right next to you guys. especially if you guys are clearly together and if there's anywhere else to sit.:)

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