Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's a Small World!

Jeremy and I are currently hooked on the show Hoarders. Part of me feels bad watching other peoples horrendous troubles, but I'm also incredibly intrigued (and very often horrified and disgusted!).

Last night we were watching an episode and the second hoarder being featured lives in our city. We sort of gasped and laughed. As they continued on with the bio, etc. the man said he was a beekeeper. I looked at Jeremy and said, "I'm pretty sure this is the guy I buy honey from!" Fast forward to about a third of the way through the show and there is a shot of the man walking in our local farmer's market delivering his honey to the very stand where I buy my honey! (It is some of the most delicious, raw honey I've ever eaten!)

Jeremy asked if watching the show put me off from buying his honey. It doesn't. He wasn't one of the worst hoarders by any stretch and all the honey stuff happens outside the four walls of his house.

It was such a strange thing to watch my world shrink before my eyes. But I also enjoyed that small twist of fate. :)


Anonymous said...

AH! That show is so disturbing... and yet fascinating! I can't believe you KNEW the guy!

Alaina said...

That's crazy! And I can't even watch that show...shiver. :)

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