Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where I Live

I am not a fan of the city we live in. It just doesn't do much for me (except of course house our jobs and home). But, in my continuing quest to be thankful and contented with the many blessings in my life--no matter how small--I do try to look around and acknowledge particulars that I appreciate about said living location.

Today, I stepped out of my super cute apartment and set out in the May sun to walk to the farmer's market. It's a year-round farmer's market and only a mile away! Crazily enough, this was my first trip there on foot, but certainly won't be my last. I breathed in the fresh spring air as the sun dried my recently washed hair. I walked along the river (which is very high right now!), listening to it gently lap the bank. I bought local eggs, popcorn, and asparagus, and peppers and zucchini (which may not be local, but they're fresh!). And I got in a two-mile walk.

I would say that's a definite perk of where I live!


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