Saturday, May 21, 2011


After running some errands this morning, Jeremy and I stopped at a restaurant for a late lunch. We sat in a booth in the bar, which is not unusual if we go to this restaurant.

The waitress, a girl around my age, walked up and greeted us. Then she gave me a very decided once over and said, "Honey, can I see your ID?"

(I think it was the "Honey..." that particularly peeved me this time, because it's not terribly uncommon for me to get carded, but it's usually requested in a manner that conveys they think you're old enough but just have to make sure. This waitress looked like she thought I was likely in the wrong place.)

I felt a little annoyed, though I knew she had every right. Seriously, do I look ten years younger than I actually am?

Jeremy said it made him proud. :) I guess I should be flattered because ten years from now I'll be happy if people think I'm ten years younger than I am. And, I guess it's better than looking ten years older than I am.


liz nelson said...

i like that this made jeremy proud.:) and you're right, one day we'll appreciate being considered looking young.:) remember the guy at the pizza place the other day that called us sweetie like a million times and he wasn't really that old? that always irritates me.

sam said...

oh, i agee! most of the time i get carded and don't care... but every once in a while it really irks me.

i think you're right about the tone of voice/attitude. it usually only bugs me when they act as though there is no possible way i am even close to my real age.

jeremy said...

I'm glad she didn't ask me if I brought my Depends. (I did.)

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