Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Pie Time!

It's summer and it's hot! I want salads and grilled meats for supper. And for dessert? Summer fruit pies.

So far this July I've made a strawberry pie, a sweet cherry pie, and a peach-blueberry pie. The peach was definitely my favorite. I'm hoping to make a blueberry pie before too long. And likely another peach pie. I have two disks of pie dough in the freezer waiting for my next pie baking venture.
Lest you think that Jeremy and I are gorging ourselves on pie, well, we're not. I found a 6-inch pie pan at the thrift store and it makes a beautiful little pie, just right for two people.

What's your favorite flavor of pie?


Amanda said...

What a great idea using a little pie pan! I refrain from making desserts because I will consume them all... Fabulous solution!

Jessica Bergschneider said...

Have a favorite GF pie crust recipe?

Lana Joy said...

I think my favorite summer fruit pie is black raspberry. I hardly ever get it, because you have to be home just at the right time (meaning, yes, my mom is always the one who makes them). I also love blueberry or peach with tons of cinnamon. I love strawberries, but I haven't found a plain strawberry pie that tickles my fancy. Although, Les made a strawberry-rhubarb a few years ago that was delish. Yum. Your pictures made me want to bake a pie...but I'm quite sure that won't happen!

Anonymous said...

Pie is probably my least favorite dessert, mostly because I'd rather eat the contents fresh than eat them in a pie. But I do LOVE strawberry rhubarb. YUM. And since I know how well you cook/bake, I'm pretty sure I'd be in love with every single pie you make.

sam said...

Hands-down my favorite pie is pumpkin (which tragically is sort of a once-a-year thing) I've also lately discovered a fabulous strawberry-rhubarb cobbler with a sweet biscuit topping. yum!

stephanie said...

Who knew pie would be such a topic! Thanks for the comments all!:)

Amanda--I often avoid desserts as well, but I enjoy making them, so the pie plate was a wonderful find.

Jessica--right now I typically use a recipe from "The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook". But plan to try a couple other recipes.

Lana--I don't think I've ever eaten a black raspberry pie before, but it sounds delicious! Cinnamon is a must in both peach and blueberry pie!

Kim--I love to eat the the fruit plain as well, but there's something so comforting about a piece of pie. I had no idea it was your least favorite dessert! Pie tops the list of my favorite desserts.

Sam--Ooh, I love pumpkin pie as well! I made several last fall and we'd enjoy pieces of it for breakfast. :)

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