Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A moment today...

I can't really qualify today as a bad day. However, it had its moments, including the following dialogue with a customer:

Man: (Mumbles a question I think has to do with where something is in the store.)

Me: Pardon?

Man: Where's the guy who buys stuff?

Me: (With a directional point) We have a buy counter in that corner where we have buyers.

Man: (slightly antagonistically) That's what I was asking. (then under his breath, I think he said) Why does everyone have to be a smart a** today?

Sometimes I am amazed at the attitudes/moods people bring into the environment of our store. It can be kind of toxic when you are the employee experiencing the brunt of it.


Rebecca said...

So sorry!!! I promise to be a polite, courteous customer if I ever come for a visit. :)

jeremy said...

It sounds like you are handling yourself well. It is indeed regrettable that there are people out there who bring their junk with them...Maybe wear a sign that says "Please don't poison me with your toxic attitude. I would prefer to have a HAPPY day!"

I doubt it would work but it would be fun to wear for a day or so.

Kevin & Amy said...

I'm glad I had the opportunity to work retail because it's made me appreciate those that do! It's a hard job working with the grumpy public.

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