Saturday, March 29, 2008

Returning with little to add...

Where have I been for over a week? I'm not really sure what has filled my time, but apparently I have not been here writing about it (which leads me to believe much of it isn't terribly memorable).

Yesteday I made my bi-monthly trek up north to visit the boyfriend for the day. I always love the spring and I'm glad to see her sending tendrils of hope through crocuses and sunny days. And therefore I was a little surprised as I drove to the boyfriends that it is still winter there! I was driving on the interstate and looked over at ice-coated trees. By the end of yesterday much of the icey/snow had melted, but still, so different.

Last weekend we had a lovely Easter with lots of family. We had 16 people and a dog who thought she should also be treated to the sumptious feast--J did indulge her a couple bites, but this of course encourages her search for more people food. This is one of my favorite pictures from the day of my nephew C imitating my Brother 2.

After a long week with lots of activity--family Easter, work, babysitting, work, driving lots, work, and more work--I am now the temporary home of a cold I'd like to be rid of. I imagine some decent rest and a little time away from going, going, going, will do the trick. So, that's my plan. Lay low. Plus, while I was a work today, it seemed that no one could hear me well. In fact one woman asked for help, I agreed to help her and then before even asking me her question, she walked away kind of in a huff muttering she'd just figure it out herself. I looked at one of my co-workers who had witnessed the entire exchange and I said, "What's the matter?" In all seriousness he replied, "I think maybe it's your voice." I can't help that my voice is kind of high and squeeky for the moment. I stuck it out for 2/3 of the day and then came home early and napped for 4 hours. Nobody--co-workers or customers--really wanted me around anyway.

So, this is my slightly dull update on life. Enjoy until I find something of more interest to entertain you all.


Alaina said...

I wondered where you were today - hope you feel better.

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