Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sister 3 battling hair.

I had issues putting these photos in order, but you get the idea. By the end she almost looks pleased doesn't she?

Sis 3 sometimes forgets things and she's told me she just can't help this forgetfulness. This can be leaving things behind at someones home, not returning a borrowed item, or as in the case of this week, leaving her brush at school while she's home on spring break. So, she has nothing to brush out her long, tangly hair.

Sis 3 and I have the same kind of hair, very straight, fine, tangly, and long (hers is currently longer than mine). This morning she asked to borrow a brush or a comb (I use an orange wide-toothed comb). Because I want to make sure that my comb is not misplaced--it's not very replaceable since I'm pretty sure it's been around since I was a little girl--I pulled out a brush I never use because it just doesn't get through all the layers of my hair. Sis 3 took it along in the car as we were driving. As she attempted to tug the brush through her hair she said, "This doesn't work." I have to admit that I kind of started laughing because I knew it wasn't going to be particularly easy for her, but I knew she could make it work and I didn't want to risk the loss of my favorite comb. After about 3 minutes she said, "Does that brush company not care that underneath the layer of smooth hair it's really tangly underneath?" She did eventually brush the tangles out and it looked rather nice. As you can already see, I photo documented the process as it was making me laugh. Enjoy!


Alaina said...

Very funny! I can envision the whole thing playing out!

*kim said...

Haha! That was kind of mean, Steph. Hilarious!

jeremy said...

Yeah, I used your brush and now look at my head! (drumroll.....I'm here all night folks.....anybody....hello?)

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