Thursday, March 20, 2008


This morning I slid off the road on my way to work. My mind was very preoccupied and I took a curve much too fast. In my nearly 10 years of driving that's the first time I've done that. Thankfully no one was behind or in front of me and my resilient little car pulled back onto the road without any trouble. Man, it was a scary feeling to be turning the wheel, but still be careening forward into grass. God was totally there protecting me from what could have been a much worse situation.

Today was more of an introspective day and when I'm like that I need some quiet and some time to myself. At work that is hard to come by, so today during my lunch break, in an attempt at quiet, I put on my iPod shuffle and wrote a letter and then read for a bit. It was still noisy around me but I didn't have to participate. After lunch one of my co-workers walked past me and said, "Hey, when we were on break and you had headphones on, were you reading and listening to music at the same time?" I said that I was and he looked flabbergasted. "Wow! I've never met anyone that can do that. I mean I can read with some background noise, but you, you must be like a super genius!" While I'd beg to differ on my super genius status, I did think the comment was kind of cute. I guess, dear readers, if you can do both of those activities simultaneously, then you also are a super genius.


jeremy said...

I know I am biased but I do see elements of High Intelligence in you. I think this is yet another characteristic. It might also be a sign of creativity and multitasking. We both know you are highly creative and also organized. I wouldn't be surprised if you were doing your taxes along with the other two things as well.


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