Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So, remember how merely two posts ago I was commenting on continuing to hope despite circumstances that were less than ideal? Well, we've got new circumstances that are making hope a necessity.
With the deluge of rain we've been receiving recently, we finally got hit. The basement flooded (which is finished and very much lived in with brother 1's bedroom, Dad's office, play room, and family room) and we are now trying to figure out what to do with everything so we can tear up all the ruined carpet. We've already hauled up to a trash heap on the driveway one room's carpet, a mattress and box spring, and a disassembled cabinet that housed our board games. Poor Brother 1 has lost much of his earthly possessions--or at the very least they are quite water damaged. We are kind of at an impasse for the one room, now sans carpet, to dry so we can move more furniture in there to facilitate ripping up more carpet. It's quite disastrous and in the mean time, our house kind of stinks with all that water soaked into the carpets. Also, on the same night in which the basement flooded, part of a Cottonwood in the backyard broke and hit several other trees on the way down and that torrent of limbs managed to hit the neighbor's fence. Guess what we'll be replacing?
However, despite all of the unforeseen loss of goods and extra work, there is as always marks of God's Providences. Brother 1 got home sometime between 1 and 2 Tuesday morning and discovered the water pouring in through his window. Imagine if no one slept down there that night? Or even if he'd happened to be out even later? So much more could have been damaged. And that dang tree, well, if it had fallen other directions it could have hit and damaged the swing set, the boy's clubhouse they built themselves, the storage barn, and perhaps even our deck or our roof. A portion of the neighbor's fence sounds pretty good. Praise God for His protection!
So, my dear readers, this house is in a frenzy of cleaning and it looks as if the work will never end, it will, won't it? In all honestly, it kind of looks like we just moved in, everything is everywhere. It's a bit disheartening, but we carry on!


Heather L. said...

I saw that tree yesterday -- what a mess! But, i also noticed how it missed the playset and barn, etc.! I'm sorry for all the extra work you guys have had this week -- no fun at all.

Kevin & Amy said...

Oh no! Our basement flooded majorly last year (at least it's unfinished though) and it was such a PAIN and several things got ruined, too. Our thoughts are with you ...

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