Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hoping in the face of hopelessness and still smiling.

This past week was quite challenging for me as I felt each day brought a new circumstance that was less than desirable and trying to drive me to lose hope. However, God as my ever faithful Father has provided for 2 of the 3 occurrences and I continue to trust and pray that He will give guidance and provision for the final "trouble." (That being the demise of the fiance's car...he currently has mine until we can figure out what to do.)


Alaina said...

I'm glad some resolution has come - we will pray for wisdom regarding the car.

Beautiful picture by the way! Love you. I started the book you gave me and it's so interesting! Thanks!

Heather L. said...

We do pray that the car situation resolves quickly!

jeremy said...

We'll make this work somehow, honey. Let's both keep it in our prayers while I also take action at looking at some cars. I pray for discernment where I am lacking in mechanical know-how.

jeremy said...

I, too, thought you looked rather smashing in the picture.

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