Friday, June 20, 2008

Weddings on my mind...


No matter what is going on, somewhere in the back of my mind I have wedding details (decided and undecided) floating.

Monday morning before work, Mom and I went to the church where J and I are being married to look at reception facilities. Tuesday evening after work I met with the violinist for the wedding to go over music possibilities. Today--my day off--Mom and I got together with my friend who's making my bridal gown. We picked patterns to combine, found fabric, etc. Then, Mom and I spent 4 hours wondering the major stores at the mall nearby looking for potential bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride dress. In case anyone was wondering, Mom and I aren't particularly good shoppers; we tire easily. Today, we just plunged ahead and were quite successful! We found two possibilities for bridesmaid dress (both significantly on sale), a top for Mom, wedding shoes for me, and then I decided a also needed a couple of cute clearance sundresses. Next week we're tackling catering, church coordinator, and photography. Progress is being made.

In other news, I think the fiance may have a replacement car. We've been looking for something for 3 weeks--he's had my car in the interim. Also last week I bought a much needed table and chairs from a consignment shop in town. It was an amazing deal, the woman knocked $45 of the sticker price and threw in an extra, almost matching chair! Doesn't it look just right in the apartment?


Heather L. said...

Yes, really nice table and chairs! I'm so happy for you! Wow, it sounds like you really have been busy with wedding stuff! how exciting to have some possible bridesmaid dresses!

*kim said...

Hooray! Hang in there with the wedding details and try to enjoy all of it as much as possible. This is FUN and exciting!!! And the table and chairs look great! Love you much! Kim

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