Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who knew adults do it too!

I'm referring to the infamous childhood "potty dance". We've all seen it, either the little dancing steps, or the out and out holding while wiggling around and walking or jumping in place.

Yesterday I was at work just doing my job when I noticed a man standing behind another customer waiting rather impatiently. He kind of moved around a bit like he was uncomfortable and lifted his stack of books up and down. Finally when one of us was available he asked if he could leave his books with us while he went to the bathroom. As he was saying this he was lifting one foot off the ground and then the other, continually moving in what could only be described as an adult potty dance. The affirmative response that we would guard his books was greeted with a desperate, "Where's the bathroom?" He strode off and when he returned to claim his merchandise, he had the audacity to let out a loud, relieved, exhale. As if we didn't already know that he felt much better since he'd relieved himself. Sound effects, NOT necessary!


Alaina said...

I laughted out loud reading this...yes, even after you told me in person. :)

Barbara D said...

Like I said - the woman can write! Thanks for the chuckle.

You are almost ready to count down to the wedding on one hand, too!

jeremy said...

Too bad you couldn't post a video to YouTube with bold narration!

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