Friday, September 5, 2008


Today is packing up day. It's hard to believe I'm actually moving away.

As a kid my family moved several times and it was always somewhat traumatic because we were leaving all our friends and our house and our favorite play places behind, but it was also exciting to imagine what new memories awaited us. Our moves were somewhat easier from the actually moving aspect because Dad's employer/company would pay to have our home packed and moved. So, we never actually had to do our packing. Let me just say, packing is a big deal! It takes time and ingenuity to make everything fit in the boxes that are available.

One favorite memory of moving is that at each new home Mom and Dad would surprise each of us kids with a new stuffed animal. My bear Chocolate became a favorite from the move when I was 6. When I moved away to college that first semester back in 2003, my siblings gave me stuffed mouse as a going away present. In a box in the basement all of those animals are together, a tangible memory from each good-bye/hello transition into a new phase--a way of marking time. (Except for Chocolate who will be moving with me once again...he's been along for all these moves.)

I am excited to move because it means that J and I get to be together, but every time I look at my room, I kind of shrink from finishing packing because I also know it means I'm leaving the Stephanie I am right now behind. All these changes are a sad into happy transition. But, I can rest in the knowledge that the Lord has paved the way for me to walk forth in faith.


jeremy said...

I am looking forward to helping you unpack and make it our home.

Heather L. said...

Such a sweet idea about the stuffed animals!

I hope the moving this weekend goes well!

Anonymous said...

What a nice story! So well told. You have some wonderful memories of your family life. Stephanie, you know I'll miss you so much, but I am so delighted that you have Jeremy to love you. I am wishing you happiness always and that God will richly bless your future.
Love you so much,
Grandma Judd
(Sent with tears of happiness.)

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