Wednesday, September 3, 2008


For those who took the time to comment (thanks so much!), I have no intention of leaving you without any stories. I just thought you should know that the HPB stories have come to an end. (Although, I am pondering a post in which I introduce the regulars that shopped the store; they were indeed an interesting bunch.)

This evening my pastor's wife hosted a lovely shower for me. Because of my literary bent she themed the evening Jane Austen. All the refreshments were British Austeny dishes. And we had tea--Heather hosts the best tea parties. For the opening activity each woman picked a card with a Jane Austen character or novel name on it. She then had us each choose a tissue-paper wrapped gift from a basket. Each gift had a quote from one of Jane Austen's novels. We read them out loud and matched the names with the gifts. It was a creative way to give favors as well. My name was Mr. Darcy and I came home with a lovely, little silver dish. Three women from my church also read something from a book (continuing the literary theme) that had something to do with marriage. I heard an essay titled The Churn Dash (I think) from a Laura Ingalls Wilder book, excerpts from a chapter in Edith Schaeffer's book What is a Family, 2 dramatized poems from Joyful Noise, and a passage from Henry V by Shakespeare. I laughed during much of the reading, and also appreciated the thought put into it. I felt celebrated!

Now I'm off for some sleep so I can run my many errands tomorrow. Thanks for reading and commenting here. It motivates me to keep writing!


jeremy said...

Glad you had a good time...It sounded like fun.

Barbara D said...

What a thoughtful shower! We are in the single digit countdown for the big day.

I think the ladies could have fun with a comic shower for Jeremy. Do Batman, Spiderman or Superman have any wisdom for marriage?

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