Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's another wedding!

This morning I dropped my husband off at work. We've been married just two weeks today and I have to venture to a wedding alone. :( Oh well, I'm incredibly thankful for his job, so I really can't complain. They gave him 10 days off for our wedding, which was quite generous as he's only been there 6 months. Plus, I'm excited to see all my family!!!
My cousin, Lana, is getting married today. She's exactly 11 months to the day younger than me. And ironically I got married three weeks before my birthday and she's getting married three weeks after her birthday. In many ways we're very nearly the same person. We majored in the same thing in college (her at Taylor, me at IWU) and now she's a librarian (which I once contemplated doing) and I'm married to a librarian. We've kind of switched sides of the state. It's been fun to enter into this new phase of life at the same time. Congratulations to Lana and Kyle!


Barbara D said...

Loved your IKEA story and glad you are back. I spoke to your mom after the wedding and told her it was good you changed the honeymoon plans because of flooding in Chicago. Little did we know you were headed that way. Every honeymoon needs a story and you have yours. So, you look at the damaged bookcase side and remember you survived that crisis and with God's help you'll make it through whatever comes your way.

See you at the next wedding!

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