Thursday, January 22, 2009

Job Update

This week brought my first two days as an assistant with the LEAP program here. After my orientation on Tuesday, I still felt very much in the dark as to what a LEAP session was supposed to look like. Very intimidating! Only three of the 15 adults involved in the program have ever worked with LEAP.
Wednesday came and let me tell you that the three hours there were chaotic! It was like no one knew exactly where they were supposed to be. However, the experienced workers helped lead the way and we made it through. My teacher (I'm a program assistant) is a retired middle school teacher and I think we'll get along and work well together. She's strict, but kind. Together we are working with seven students--all in third and fourth grade.

Someone left a comment mentioning that art didn't seem to go along with teaching reading. Well, the deal is that they decided art fit into a balanced literacy approach in tutoring, so we have to do art too.

So, this is basically what a schedule of my "day" looks like:
2:00 arrive and sign in
2:10-2:20 pick up students from their classrooms
2:20-2:40 kids eat snack and work on homework
2:40-2:55 gym time
2:55-3:30 art time
3:30-4:40 reading/literacy time (this is done with my teacher)
4:45 dismiss students and help to buses

Herding all the kids around takes some time, but I'm sure after another week or so, we'll all fall into some sort of routine. There are some strong voices that help keep kiddos on track. So far, pretty good.


Barbara D said...

Keep us posted! I see some great stories coming out of this experience.

Have you thought of substitute teaching at all, Steph? I really enjoy it. Was able to get 1/2 day in before teaching math yesterday. Had 5th graders and it was good to be back for the first time after starting my new job.

Margaret said...

Sounds like an exciting job! I would like to come visit you soon... I still haven't seen you're apartment.

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