Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Creature Photos

When I arrived home from work yesterday, a drizzly, gray rain was falling. I saw this happy couple enjoying the elements out my back window. Aren't they cute?

For art yesterday during the after school program the students were supposed to sculpt an animal or character from a book using model magic (they were an unimaginative bunch and even with that direction couldn't think of anything to make). I sat down at a table with some of the kids and made Wilbur and Charlotte, those timeless animal characters from one of my absolutely favorite books (I realize that their sizes are quite disparate, but after I made Wilbur I had so much left over that Charlotte grew into quite an overwhelming size).
Jeremy finds the spider somewhat repulsive. :) What do you think? I find her rather friendly looking.


Andrew said...

I wouldn't say the spider is repulsive, but friendly might be a little stretch. But the pig is great!! I like the happy couple, too :)

Andrew said...

Let me revise that comment after clicking on the spider photo - blowing it up, I can see the detail of the eyes and smile, and yes, she looks friendly!

Heather L. said...

I love seeing happy duck couples in puddles -- very adorable. :) And the spider is cute, although somewhat out of proportion to the pig ;) It is funny when one thinks about it that the spider turns out to be such an endearing character when in real life they really aren't.

Alaina said...

I love Charlotte and Wilbur! And that story is seriously one of my favorites...I re-read it this past summer and fell in love with it all over again.

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