Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday was a beautiful, slightly warm day. A day where the weather matched the mood of rejoicing in Christ's resurrection!

I spent my first ever Easter separate from my family. It felt a little strange, but is both part of being an adult and part of being married. I had to work on Saturday, so Jeremy and I couldn't make the trek back home. However, we enjoyed a pleasant, relaxing day, just the two of us.

Growing up, Mom and Dad were always very good at establishing fun traditions surrounding holidays. Most of them weren't flashy, over-the-top, in fact, more often than not the traditions were designed to remind us of the particular reason for a holiday. Like at Thanksgiving we each wrote and read thanksgivings (written on paper feathers and taped to a paper turkey). For Easter, we shared a sunrise breakfast--which so many years actually lacked the sun--on the living room floor. We ate boiled eggs we'd decorated with plants we'd collected outside and dyed in natural dyes--like onion skins. Mom made fresh cinnamon rolls or some other special bread. And Dad read the resurrection story. Of course as we grew up certain aspects changed a little, but the heart of the tradition remained the same.

Because holidays hold such significance and favorite memories to me, I want to make those times particularly special for Jeremy and I. Feasting is such a big part of holidays! Special occasions from Biblical times to the present typically involve special foods. I have yet to thoroughly establish particular foods for particular holidays, but I do try to make it special.

Yesterday morning I got up a little early to put the roast in the crockpot and I thought to myself, "What special bread can I make?" That was the part of my family's tradition I could partake in from afar. So, I tried my hand at chocolate chip scones (gluten-free, of course). And to that I added vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries and fried eggs. And while it wasn't quite like what I've been so accustomed to, it was a pleasant breakfast shared with the man I love.

Since it's always just the two of us, I'm quite terrible at remembering to take pictures. I hope to change that, but for now, you're just going to have to read what goes on here, instead of see photos.

I hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend celebrating!


Margaret said...

Sounds great! We were at Philip's parents for Easter meal, but headed over to M&D's in the afternoon. We missed you guys!

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