Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last week my mom came to visit.

And, we visited and worked and generally enjoyed the company of about 24 hours.

Jeremy and I are so much enjoying our new little home. I still have several problem areas for storage reasons, but in general, this move was an excellent one.

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I crave order. And, in general, I'm pretty good at organization. My mom and I together, are perhaps even better. So, mom came up to help me think through a couple areas in the house, and to help me work on curtains for the house, and also just to visit!

Our first stop was to a Goodwill thrift store to look at the curtains. While I was overall unimpressed with the store, we did find beautiful, embroidered, somewhat sheer curtains for the kitchen and what we guessed to be 7 yds of fabric that fit and framed perfectly the French doors in my living room. All of this for around $14! The next day we stopped at another thrift store looking for two particular sizes of baskets for a catchall/junk place in the kitchen, as well as a crock to hold utensils on the counter. We found all of these for just under $10! I'm always amazed at God reminding us He loves us and watches over us by providing such serendipitously perfect items.

While Jeremy and my brother Wes watched movies, played video games, tinkered with our bicycles (Wes enjoys and is quite skilled at working on bikes), and generally hung out, Mom and I puttered around the kitchen trying to make my smaller space work. By the time she left, the kitchen looked so much better (it's a very sunny room and probably my favorite place in the house). The countertops were mostly clear, my pantry area was tidied up, and we'd made my small drawer space work. She also helped me think through storage in the second bedroom closet. We also had time to enjoy a quick-trip to the farmer's market and to the salvage grocery.

It was so much fun having Mom and Wes here. They helped us move in, so it was fun to show them what we'd done with the place. I'm so thankful for my family; I am truly blessed.


liz nelson said...

glad mom was able to help you guys get more organized. she's awesome like that.:) sounds like things are coming together. i'm excited to be moving, but not so much looking forward to the organizing part...:)

jeremy said...

You have indeed made this a wonderful home!

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